Cosmic Hive Five! A Burger King + Katamari Damacy Crossover Poster

Cosmic High Five: Burger King + Katamari Damacy King of All Cosmos Fan Art Piece


Hey everyone! I got this idea to do some fan art of two things I love very much, the video game Katamari Damacy and Burger King. If you had the opportunity to play Katamari Damacy when it first came out in on the Playstation 2 in 2004 like I did, it was this revelation. Weird music and visuals, a really unique gameplay style and it was incredibly Japanese in style and cultural mishmashing of different symbols, objects and elements (i. e. The King of All Cosmos talked to you through turntable scratches).

I thought that the Burger King guy who is known for being this weird, creepy sort of icon for Burger King would be a good fit along with The King of All Cosmos and how Katamari Damacy’s style worked. I really wish Burger King would bring back The King in their advertisements; Crispin Porter + Bogusky¬†did a great job with that campaign.

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Published on: 16 January 2014
Posted by: Modblot
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